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Why this watch?

A newly released wristwatch is attracting me! My favorite full moon dial wristwatch!

b01286ccd2cc1e8301ddcf5b9c166cea_original.webpThe moon phase is usually placed within a semicircular window with a special shape.

However, this watch innovates the moon dial design, changes the stereotype of moon phase function in watch industry, and integrates panoramic moon dial artistically into the entire watch design. The gears drive the rotation of the moon phase disc, so the moon in the dial changes with the moon in the sky to show the whole process of natural moon phases.

b267c59e0f5b24af8a14828ac431bdd7_original.webpThis delicate shape combines with the moon phase on the dial plate, to accurately show the shape of moon in the whole cycle.

Award winning design, a pioneer mechanical product merging functionality and arts.

The blue sandstone dial gives a dark blue starry sky around the wrist, very attractive.It tells a man’s interest in exploring the universe, this unique watch.


Agelocer astronomer watch, good looking, high quality, cost effective, at a lower price! This functional artistic mechanical luxury watch is available to end users, at the minimum cost and maximum quality ensured by worldwide elite manufacturers!


AGELOCER’s self-designed CAL.A4610 automatic movement, 27 jewels, 28,800 v.p.h, up to 80 hours of power reserve. The biggest innovation of this movement is the use of a horizontal bridge to replace the traditional unilateral bridge, forming a more stable structure, thereby ensuring that the balance wheel is in a stable position. Long storage of kinetic energy may release energy from the clockwork more slowly and evenly, making the watch more stable and more accurate.

High notch polishing process (sand polishing and satin finishing, red lettering, 25 synthetic ruby bearings) perfectly interprets what a cost-effective light luxury watch is.


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