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5 Gadgets That Make Household Chores Easy

#1 Viomi V3 Max
Viomi V3 Max robot vacuum has 3 cleaning modes: sweep only, mop only and sweep-mop. Empowered by the deep cleaning algorithm, which is exclusive to Viomi, the robot vacuum cleaner can mimic manual way of mopping with 97.5% of cleaning coverage. It can thoroughly remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors. In addition, stubborn stains can be handled with the upgraded soft and hard fiber stripped mops. Besides, premier vacuuming, mopping experience and dust emptying will be another highlight. V3 Max’s dust bin door will flip over to empty the dirt with only a single click of a button.

Viomi V3 Max comes with a 2-in-1 Dust and Water Tank ( 400ml dust bin + 200ml water tank), you can do sweeping and mopping at the same time. Especially designed for mopping, it has a super-sized water tank(700ml), ideal for large house. All you need to do to mop every day is fill up the tank and set a schedule. 700ml water tank is an optional configuration,which works well for larger houses.

#2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Petit Bronte Neato Petit Bronte D7 robot vacuum cleaner works on Auto mode, it cleans the room as it goes. With the help of the integrated sensors, the robot automatically adapts to its surroundings and keeps moving, making cleaning easy and quick. When you run out of the cleaner’s power, it will clean for longer and recharge. There is no need to move it around to clean the different parts of the room. With a battery life of 60 minutes, this robot vacuum cleaner is the best for quick clean up.

#3 Steam Mop
Steaming can help kill germs and bacteria in your floors. It’s time-saving and it’s a quick fix. The steam will kill bacteria and kill germs that are germinated on your floor. You can use water, vinegar, soap or tea tree oil or any product you like to kill germs on your floor and stop the bad smells. It can also remove allergens like dust and mites.

#4 Air Purifier
Air purifiers are very essential in any household. While it is widely known that regular house hold exercises are not good for health, it is necessary to keep the air quality clean as much as possible. People are nowadays aware of the importance of air quality and they pay extra attention to their homes, since air inside houses can be quite dirty. These days air purifier are available in various price ranges and it is advisable to purchase a good air purifier. Try to get one that filters and remove dust and particulate matters as well as allergens.

#5 Smart LED Bulb
Simply connect the Rechargeable Battery and IoT module to the Indoor Lighting, and you’re done. You can set timers and see real time lighting in real time.

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