Happy Brand-new Year! There we have it, 2018 is over and it went by in a flash. Read on to find out why you should switch to contacts in 2019!

Now it’s January, the time of year when we all try to reinvent ourselves with the over-used “new year, new me” motto. Whether it’s going to the gym, starting to save some of our salary or adopting a raw plant-based diet, we all have our ideas on how to make an impact this year. So , why not switch from glasses to contact lenses in 2019 and see the dramatic change in your lifestyle?

New year, new you, new look

Some people don’t like their glasses and think they’d look better without them. That’s why contact lenses are the perfect choice if you’re someone who’s not too fond of their specs. Contact lenses offer 360 degree vision and can correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. Feel Good Contacts also stocks multifocal contact lenses, particularly perfect for those who suffer from presbyopia. We have a wide selection of daily contact lenses, 2 weekly and monthly contacts to pick from based on your preferences.

Want to add some colour to your lifestyle? We also stock color contact lenses obtainable in both regular and daily options.

Get active

Glasses is definitely an absolute nuisance when you’re getting active. Whether you’re seeking to try a brand-new sport or sign up for the fitness center, contact lenses will offer you the independence to take pleasure from the game without fretting about your specifications falling off.

Cardio, tennis or yoga exercises, do everything to the maximum with no trouble with contacts.

See obviously this year

If you’re discovering that your vision isn’t as sharp since it utilized to be, after that there’s virtually no time like the show choose an eye check. Don’t have a problem with reading terms and conditions or seeing it completely from the sofa, try contacts and make sure your eyes are outfitted to discover everything that comes the right path in 2019.

You may even want to explore a fresh type of lens. Often worn monthlies? You will want to change to dailies for some time and enjoy the capability of not having to shop and clean your lenses every night. Often put on hydrogel lenses? Try silicone hydrogel and revel in unrivalled comfort and an extended wearing time.

Save Money

If you’re already needs to conserve for your dream house or for that summertime holiday and you’re worried about the expense of switching to lenses, there’s you don’t need to get worried! Contact lenses certainly are a highly inexpensive option for visible correction and are obtainable from FeelGoodContacts. com for 50% cheaper compared to the high street.

Moreover, you may even get yourself a 10% discount on your own initial order when you store with feel great contacts and earn £6 worthy of of spending points when you refer a pal. Students can also appreciate 5% off each purchase while they’re still at university.

So , start your season off the proper way and switch to get hold of lenses for your visual needs. With the benefits of comfort, convenience and outstanding performance, you’ll be glad you left your glasses behind in 2018.